Funk up your palette

I’ve always loved playing with colour and flowers are the ultimate paint box.


Adding just one stem can lift an ordinary arrangement to something more interesting. When arranging for my own pleasure I always like to add a touch of anarchy, something that will be a little unexpected.

IMG_4771        IMG_5615

Colours that are toharmonised can lack drama & depth. The never ending joy of working with flowers, is you can add one moment, decide against it and take away again. While arranging I like to work quite quickly, I don’t tend to over think things. My mantra is “if it’s not right, it’s wrong” and if it’s not working I change it without too much further thought. Over laboured arrangements are never as successful as those that just happen.


When choosing your colours I’d suggest 2 or 3  from the same section on a colour wheel and one from the opposite side. I’ve always liked Sarah Ravens recipe for flowers ” the bride, the bridesmaid & the gatecrasher” . The dark red sweet william is the gate crasher in my arrangement above.

Gate crashers are sometimes the most exciting party guests.


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