Spring Sprang Sprung

New beginnings are upon me.

I’m feeling excited, energised and full of anticipation. There are lots of lovely flowers growing, weddings to arrange for, workshops to host and the launch of my Floral Parties.

 IMG_3836  DSC00099

  I hugely enjoyed my experience talking on a radio show the other day. It was called “Biz Buzz” hosted by Sue Turner on Marlow FM. It was a good confidence boost for me. This weekly show focuses on creative people in business. I was daunted at first when I realized I was the sole guest and the show ran for an hour and a half. But it flew by and really focused my mind on my career so far and where I want to go. I’d recommend the experience to anyone. Sue is fabulous and ensures you feel relaxed. She is also very intuitive at keeping the pace going so you feel you are in safe hands.


I’m also working hard in my new studio, getting things ready for the season ahead. It has so much space and starting something new feels hugely liberating. It is daunting but I’m full of ideas and ready to go.

Floral Circus biz card


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