I have had great fun meeting new growers this month. My aim was to gather flowers from various local growers and form a collective called The Bloom Brigade. Growing flowers is a hard business commercially and meeting all the expectations of brides is a challenge with the British weather being so unpredictable. So, to have a wider selection of gardens to gather from made sense.

IMG_7133 IMG_7139IMG_7146  IMG_7157  IMG_7168IMG_7172  IMG_7191 IMG_7192IMG_7193 

Coming soon will be a page on my website called The Bloom Brigade, which will list the local growers that supply me with links to their websites. It’s very liberating for me to be learning so much and working with new varieties. Another huge plus at the moment is, I’m following the peonies around so get to work with them longer. I have two gardens with them still to bloom.

 IMG_7161 IMG_7134

I feel ever so lucky that a couple of private gardens have approached me. They don’t grow commercially but have STUNNING gardens, years of experience and just want their flowers to be enjoyed. In one of those gardens I found these beauties, which shows British flowers don’t HAVE to be cottagey. They can be elegant too.



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