Flowers can tell a story

We all know flowers can carry messages, roses for love and rosemary for remembrance. But I have always felt the flowers themselves should tell a story. I’ve been talking to so many growers recently, that I feel that more strongly than ever before. The story of imported flowers isn’t always a good one, although a lot is being done to improve things. Garden flowers will always capture my heart in a way mass produced ones can’t match. I now have four gardens supplying me and I know the people behind the amazing blooms they produce. It lifts my heart and I can enjoy them so much more knowing where they come from and the love it took to grow them.

 IMG_7198  IMG_7277   IMG_7196

This week I got to use a mass of Portuguese Laurel, which grows in my garden. It looks fabulous at the bud stage, but is only like this for a short while so I have used it throughout everything this week. I have found the key to working with garden flowers is to only work with the best materials you have that week. Don’t try and stretch the seasons or compromise on quality.

  IMG_7314  IMG_7293

My story is I have lived in Swyncombe valley, Oxfordshire for the last 10 years with my family and nutty dog. In 2007 I had a dream of only using garden grown flowers for my events. That dream came true when I co founded Green and Gorgeous in 2008. In March 2014, I started Floral Circus and began to create a garden collective. My background is in Theatre & Event design and I have been a florist arranging with garden flowers for the last six years.

   IMG_7292  IMG_7444  IMG_7350

I have a huge vintage china and glass collection and each piece also tells a story. Some of the pieces come from either my Grandmother or that of a friend’s. But most of the collection’s “story” I can only imagine. I fantasize how a fancy tea pot used to take pride of place on a laid table or how a set of cocktail glasses used to get many a party going. I love using all the bits and bobs of china that have lived at the back of a cupboard or in a box in the loft waiting for a good home. I grew up with the intrigue of Bagpuss and his amazing shop by the way. I always loved the idea of all the “old things” having a tale to tell.

To celebrate British Flower week (w/c June 16th), I’d suggest picking a few flowers from your own garden and give them to a friend. Not because it’s a birthday or you need to say “thank you” but just because it will make them happy.

roses & peonies garden posy
Roses & peonies garden posy Floral Circus

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