British Flower Week

  There is such a buzz around British Flower Week this year. I’ve been seeing lots of creative floristry flying around social media, many more growers are showcasing their blooms and the British flower stand at New Covent Market is a hive of activity. What would the matriarch of British floristry Constance Spry make of it all I wonder?

constance spry

Constance Spry

I’ve been arranging with British garden flowers for six years now. I’ve certainly seen a change since I started in 2008. The industry has grown enormously and seems to be gaining momentum. My focus has been on the design, which has gone up a notch this year. I love this amazing head piece from Okishima & Simmons

Okishima & Simmons

British flowers have not always been that easy for a florist to buy and so a lot of the arranging has been by the growers themselves. I have found many of these designs have been inspiring and incredibly beautiful. My guess is this year, British Flower week will be more design led than ever before with florists pushing the design boundaries a bit further. This is very exciting for me. I’m not a grower, I’m a florist and only want to work with locally grown seasonal flowers. I’m hoping that the more florists like me there are, the more readily British flowers will become available. Demand leads to supply. Innovative design will get the industry to sit up and take notice.

 To celebrate British Flowers Week I’m running a competition. Pick & arrange a posy of garden flowers. Photograph & email me I will post onto Facebook Winners with the most “likes” announced July 5th

Competition Card


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