Desert Island Blooms

I’m so excited about Floral Circus being featured on Flower Rona’s blog on Friday. One of her questions was “what is your favorite flower?”

 How hard is that? So I thought if I was stranded on a desert island and it could only grow three flowers (one would be impossible!) what would they be.

My first was easy, carpets of bluebells. They hold a lot of happy memories for me, of my childhood building dens in the woods with my brother and Grandma, walking hand in hand with a new love and lots of memories playing with my young children and my dog

 bluebell walk 002

My second choice would have to be roses. (I’ve decided this is a magical island and I don’t need to get bogged down with seasonality) I’d like some wild climbing roses. These will be rampant, abundant and full of fragrance…. and not too thorny. There will also be huge headed romantic roses, something magenta through to apricot through to blush. I won’t know the name of this rose because it is as old as time and the name will have been long forgotten but it’s scent will be so enchanting that your spirits are immediately healed & uplifted.


My final choice will be lilac. Great bows of it. Branches so large I can have a giant swing underneath and spend lazy afternoons in the dappled sunshine marveling at the amazing blooms. As the cool breeze brushes through the branches, tiny little lilac flowers shower down upon me.


Arh….what a thought!

What are your Desert Island Blooms?

My daughter is called Rose and my dog Bluebell, no Lilac in my family……yet!



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