Button Holes…love them

They can be tricky though.

IMG_6859 IMG_1327 IMG_3614
A button hole gives the chaps a chance to get involved with flowers.
From rose buds to seed pods, feathers to Dr Who (ok that is a bit far, but I have done it…oh yes) if you can wire it, you can wear it.
Wedding Flowers Floral Circus

Quite frequently when we get to button holes during a consultation, the groom lights up and has lots of ideas. I like to spend quite a while talking through the details of a button hole. I try not to get carried away though as the line “not too big” usually crops up at some point too.

IMG_2641 IMG_4387 IMG_4721  IMG_5665

I absolutely love making button holes, I like the fiddly bits, wiring and playing around, getting it just so. Button holes are frequently made last, once the main bulk of the wedding work is done, usually early in the morning with a cup of tea. Perfect.

IMG_2641 IMG_4387IMG_5665 IMG_1164

The main thing is they mustn’t droop. What’s the point of creating a fabulous work of art that looks like a yesterdays’ salad by the time it goes down the aisle? It happens and it’s a real shame. My studio often has single flowers lying around being closely monitored. It doesn’t make it any easier when materials change as they move through a season. Alchemilla for example, hopeless in May, flops within an hour or 2 but by late June it should hold up pretty well.

My top 10 “bomb proof” button hole flowers are:

1. Sweet William
2. Muscari
3. Rose buds
4. Echinops
5. Craspedia
6. Pom pom dahlias
7. Zinnias “sprite”
8. Scabious seed pods
9. Eryngium
10. Statice

Wedding Flowers - Floral Circus  IMG_5040

Most of my button holes are made with an exposed stem. It ‘s hugely helpful to keep them in water for longer and gives a much more relaxed “just picked” style.

IMG_5201  IMG_9491

 I do like the elegance of a full ribbon wrap on a button hole and still get asked to do these from time to time.

 IMG_1475 Wedding Flowers - Floral Circus

If you fancy having a go at making one of those, here is a quirky little video tutorial we shot in the spring, or you can book onto one of my workshops http://www.floralcircus.co.uk


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