Growers day at Floral Circus

Last month I invited some flower growers to my studio for a workshop all about how to make the most out of British flowers. On the agenda was farmers markets, contracts, mail order and wedding flowers followed by an afternoon of wreath making. It was a lot to get through and I knew there would be a lot of flowery banter, but wow….the time flew by. I’d met most of the growers on the British & Irish Artisan Flower Growers and Grower/Florists Facebook page, but not in person. As soon as they arrived I realised I could have quite happily spent the morning asking them questions. There was so much knowledge in different areas in my studio it was hard to keep on track and stick to the agenda. But we covered a lot of ground and it was a very relaxed and jolly affair. I can best show you through the lovely photos taken by Louise Bowditch of Bouquets & Blooms.

2014-11-30_0015 2014-11-30_0016 2014-11-30_0017 2014-11-30_0018 2014-11-30_0019 2014-11-30_0020 2014-11-30_0021

Here we all are with our British Wreaths made with foraged woodland finds
Here we all are with our British Wreaths made with foraged woodland finds

It was a lovely day and I hope to meet up with them all again soon. It was so inspiring to spend time with like minded people…Big Up to British Flowers!

Attendees were  (from left clockwise in the photo)

Kelly Chevin – Native Artisan Cut Flowers , Sara Willman – My Flower Patch, Lara Smith – Manor Farm Cottage Flowers, Claire Spiller – Garden & Wild, Fiona Hesketh Purple Daisy Flowers, Sally Oates Dilly Cot Flowers, Rachel Bracchi and Diane Quick – My Cut Flowers

With Louise Bowditch of Bouquets & Blooms taking the picture and special thanks to Chloe from Bare Blooms & British Flower Collective and Juliet Bennet of Babylon Flowers for coming along too.


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