Who am I when the flowers go?

It’s a tricky question for a florist who whole-heartedly believes in British Flowers. Once Christmas is over and the flurry of collecting foliage, feathers and berries for wreaths comes to an end, a garden flower florist is looking at a long stretch until spring, with no blooms, bare twigs and no cash.

Over the last 6 years I’ve mainly used this time to update my website, write courses and get some kind of overview on where my business is going. I also design events, that don’t really involve flowers. Before children I ran an Event Design business with mainly corporate clients( Microsoft, O2, Google) and have maintained a few of them. Here are a few shots of events I’ve designed.

Microsoft Children’s Christmas Party. Winter Wonderland. Microsoft Head Office, Reading

Microsoft Christmas party

Microsoft Children’s Christmas Party. Fairy Woodland. Microsoft Head Office, Reading


Microsoft Children’s Christmas Party. Treasure Island. Microsoft Head Office, Reading

pirate microsoft 008

Gala Dinner for the NHS.  Royal Horticultural Halls, London

Microsoft Christmas party at Billingsgate London

Microsoft Christmas Party

O2 Wireless Festival VIP area at Hyde Park, London

O2 wireless VIP

02 wireless

I hope you enjoyed that little photo journey through my events mostly sans fleurs. I’m not totally against using imported flowers when no garden flowers are available, but it always feels slightly strange to me and I always look for the most sustainable and seasonal products to use in my designs.

Floral Circus will operate 12 months a year, I may have the odd weekend off through the summer (after six years, I’m looking forward to that!) My children are now a tad older and I’m ready to stretch my creative wings again. So, I’m hoping 2015 will bring some exciting design projects for Floral Circus. There are a few a foot already, which I’m just bursting to tell you about, but I must be patient! Still not great at that it seems.


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